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Featured Institution
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  • Brunswick Corporation (1)
  • Calgary Advanced Energy Storage & Conversion Research (CAESR) (1)
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (1)
  • Canadian Light Source (1)

Neutron Beams Help To Advance the 3D Printing Industry

July 6, 2018
After using neutron beams to gather data on why 3D printing sometimes fails, one industry–university collaboration is now offering more reliable printing algorithms.
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Neutrons Reveal Secrets About the Materials Needed for the ‘Internet of Things’

October 3, 2017
The super-ambitious ‘Internet of Things’ would allow smart devices everywhere to gather, share, and respond to data—and one Simon Fraser University chemist is making breakthroughs in understanding the materials that have just the right electro-mechanical properties to turn that vision into a reality.
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Increasing Bio-Compatibility of Medical Devices

October 26, 2016
Neutron beams reveal the molecular mechanisms behind a new technology that could reduce the risk of complications and death from heart bypass surgery and dialysis. The same technology might soon help more women survive ovarian cancer.
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