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Neutrons Aid the Development of Cancer-Killing Nanoparticles

October 26, 2017
A University of Manitoba physicist is part of an international research team developing a cancer treatment method that uses magnetic nanoparticles to kill tumours with heat.
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Neutron Beams Help Shed Light on Alzheimer’s Disease

December 4, 2018
University of Waterloo scientists are putting together pieces of the molecular puzzle behind Alzheimer’s disease by examining the role of disease-related biomolecules in model brain cell membranes.
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Increasing Bio-Compatibility of Medical Devices

October 26, 2016
Neutron beams reveal the molecular mechanisms behind a new technology that could reduce the risk of complications and death from heart bypass surgery and dialysis. The same technology might soon help more women survive ovarian cancer.
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Clarifying the Role of Vitamin E

September 27, 2016
Using neutron beams at the CNBC, scientists gather direct molecular-level evidence for the role that Vitamin E plays in the human body—a feat that has been unattainable using other experimental techniques.
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Aspirin Disrupts Cholesterol Rafts in Lipid Membranes

January 1, 2016
Fundamental research that uses neutron beams to investigate how our bodies work may lead to better health outcomes in the future by shedding light on our understanding of cholesterol and Aspirin.
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Studying Bio-Molecules in Cellular Membranes

July 1, 2012
Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is a leading cause of death in babies up to one month old in the developed world because it makes breathing difficult. Researchers from Brock University use neutron beams to study biomolecules in the hope that it will lead to more effective treatments for RDS and other diseases, and to a molecular-level understanding of what vitamin E does in our bodies.
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Understanding Cholesterol as an Essential Nutrient

March 3, 2017
An international research team led by a Brock University scientist used neutron beams to resolve a scientific controversy over how cholesterol behaves when surrounded by unsaturated fatty acids such as “omega-3’s” and “omega-6’s” within cell membranes.
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