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Neutrons Advance Safety for the Long-Term Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel

February 5, 2024
Social acceptance of nuclear power is linked to the safe, permanent disposal of its used fuel and nuclear waste. Researchers at Western University use neutron beams to generate key knowledge about the long-term reliability of used-fuel storage containers—knowledge that has proven essential for the licensing of geologic repositories.
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A Decade of Feeder Studies for Canadian Nuclear Power

February 1, 2015
Canada’s fleet of nuclear power plants have realized impacts worth hundreds of millions from research supported by a decade of stress measurements using neutron beams to ensure their safe, reliable and economic operations.
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Enhancing the Power Plant Reliability in the UK

March 1, 2016
Operators of nuclear power plants use stress data from the CNBC to ensure safe, reliable and economic operations.
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Ikata Nuclear Power Plant

Managing the Aging of Nuclear Power Stations in Japan

March 1, 2014
Stress data obtained at the CNBC contributed to a guide that is used by nuclear operators in Japan to inform decisions about expensive replacements of in-core components that may be susceptible to cracking.
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Part 1: Responding to Cracked Feeders at Point Lepreau

February 1, 2015
New Brunswick Power accessed neutron beams to obtain critical knowledge to understand unexpected incidents at its nuclear power plant and assure its safe and reliable operations.
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Part 2: Managing Continued Risk of Feeder Cracking at Point Lepreau

February 1, 2015
Stress data from an array of feeder pipes obtained with neutron beams assists NB Power to manage the cracking issues and informs decision-making about the timing of its refurbishment.
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Part 3: Assuring Exports, Relicensing of the Reactor Fleet, and Qualification of Innovation

February 1, 2015
The Canadian nuclear industry rose to immediate challenges posed by the cracking issues, employing neutron beams as part of their research on materials. That research provided confidence to continue with a multi-billion export project, enabled all the stations to assure safety for continued, and resulted in spin-off technology.
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Part 4: Maximizing Operating Time and Solving the Cracking Issues Industry-Wide

February 1, 2015
Operators of nuclear power plants using Canadian technology joined together to study the cracking issues observed at Point Lepreau and later at Gentilly-2, and ultimately solved the underlying issue for all Canadian reactors.
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Assisting Non-Proliferation Through Fuel Development

June 1, 2016
Studies of nuclear fuel at the CNBC help Canada to contribute to global nuclear security.
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Understanding How Metals Degrade

February 1, 2014
Researchers from Western University accessed the CNBC to generate knowledge for safe storage of nuclear waste.
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Solving the Mystery Flask: A Forensic Challenge

October 1, 2015
The CNBC is enhancing its neutron imaging capabilities to see inside concealed objects. Identifying unknown radioactive material reduced the cost of a long-term waste management liability for the Government of Canada and demonstrated new capabilities.
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Molecular “Ball on a Spring” Discovered

October 1, 2012
An international collaboration involving the CNBC serendipitously finds molecular “ball on a spring” while doing research for nuclear energy.
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