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Neutrons Assist in the Development of Sustainable Electricity Grids

June 8, 2017
With sponsorship from Tesla Motors, one ‘Gold medal’ Canadian scientist is using neutron beams in the quest to reduce the cost of energy storage technologies, which is vital for the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles.
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Clean Energy Storage Research Using Neutrons

July 6, 2017
One of the University of Waterloo’s top scientists uses neutron beams to help develop the energy storage technology needed to power electric vehicles—and to reduce the need for fossil fuels to back up wind turbines.
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Neutrons Aid Investigations Into Hydrogen Technology for Sustainable Transportation

December 13, 2017
Tomorrow’s trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes could be powered with clean hydrogen technology that exists today—and discoveries made by Canadian physicists could help make this sustainable technology even safer and more efficient.
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Neutrons Help To Remove Barriers Standing in the Way of Safer, Better Batteries for Electric Vehicles

August 2, 2017
After using neutron beams to better understand materials required for safer energy storage, University of Calgary chemists and their international collaborators were able to demonstrate a prototype battery that showed major improvements to performance.
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Hydrogen Storage Materials for Clean Cars

March 1, 2012
Researchers from the University of Alberta use neutron beams to discover how thin metal layers enhance store hydrogen effectively, aiming to one day enable hydrogen-powered cars without the safety issues of pressurized tanks.
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Safer and Longer Lasting Energy Storage for Devices

July 1, 2016
An international research team led by Hydro-Québec accessed the CNBC to obtain fundamental insights into how to make better materials for batteries.
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Water Uptake and Swelling in Fuel Cell Membranes

November 1, 2015
Researchers from universities access the CNBC to obtain fundamental insights into materials used for clean energy technologies.
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