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Boosting the Fuel Efficiency of Jet Engines

January 10, 2017
Rolls Royce has applied for a patent for a new material for use in higher-efficiency jet engines, after collaborating with University of Cambridge scientists to study new alloys using neutron beams.
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Lowering the Cost of Energy-Saving Technology for Cars and Airplanes

March 7, 2018
Dalhousie University engineers use neutron beams to develop inexpensive ways to process lightweight materials for actuators that fold airplane wings during flight—just one of many possible energy-saving aerospace and automotive applications for shape memory alloys.
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Developing Technology for Repairing Advanced Jet Engines

February 1, 2017
Government and academic researchers use neutron beams to test a new repair technology capable of supporting the aerospace industry to adopt more fuel-efficient jet engines.
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Enhancing the Lifetime of Aircraft Parts

May 1, 2016
Aircraft manufacturers sponsor research because they need stress data to improve computer models of the lifetime of their parts.
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Reducing Waste in Airplane Parts Manufacturing

September 1, 2015
Aircraft manufacturers sponsor researchers who are using stress data from the CNBC to evaluate methods of preventing distortion in thin aluminum parts.
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