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Canadian institutions that conduct research with neutron beams are invited to be Members. The Neutrons Canada Prospectus (updated August 2023) provides potential Members with (1) the context for the founding of Neutrons Canada, and (2) its purpose, roles, potential scale and scope, and governance structure.


Govern, manage, and represent Canada’s infrastructure program for research and development with neutron beams, including international partnerships that secure access to world-leading neutron laboratories, operation of Canada’s domestic neutron beam facilities, and national initiatives for future neutron sources, thereby enabling Canadians to address major social and economic challenges.


Incorporated in October 2022, Neutrons Canada is a not-for-profit corporation with an independent Board of Directors elected by Member institutions that conduct research with neutron beams.

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About the Canadian Neutron Initiative and the Creation of Neutrons Canada

The Canadian Neutron Initiative (CNI) working group operated from 2016 until Neutrons Canada was created in 2022 as the culmination of its work. The Canadian scientific community initiated the CNI, aiming to establish a new, pan-Canadian, university-led framework for stewardship of Canada’s capability for research with neutron beams, and thereby enable a national program for research using neutron beams to continue beyond the planned 2018 closure of the Canadian Neutron Beam Centre. The CNI working group was co-chaired by the VPs of Research of the University of Saskatchewan and McMaster University, and included their counterparts at the University of Windsor, the University of Alberta, and Dalhousie University, and the President of the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering, which represents researchers who use neutron beams. The CNI working group disbanded following the creation of Neutrons Canada.

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